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Take a sip of your favorite drink through this St. Benedict Mug. This mug features an image and the medal of St. Benedict, a perfect companion to start your day as you seek guidance and protection from St. Benedict. Show your faith and get this classy mug.

Item No.: BK-J0723 


  • Patron Saint of Monks and Europe.
  • The bone china cafe mug is exquisitely designed with St. Benedict's medal.
  • Material: Stoneware
  • Size: 4" H, 14 oz
  • A great reminder that we can count on Saint Benedict to pray for us anytime, anywhere.

Stories and Symbolism

Saint Benedict of Nursia is a Christian saint venerated by the Catholic Church. His greatest achievement is the Precept of Saint Benedict, which includes a set of laws to be followed by the monks. It compromises seventy-three short chapters containing wisdom, more than half of the chapters on how to be humble and obedient.