59" L Coronation Paschal Candle

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Each candle represents Christ's faithful presence in our minds. Light these Coronation Paschal Candle every Sunday throughout the Easter season, starting Easter Sunday and often until Ascension Day. We have used these catholic items in the church to help spread the word and give glory to God as they enhance your sanctuary, prompting a richer prayer experience through a beautiful symbolism of the light of a candle. A candle's presence will be a perfect reminder that there is always brightness in a life with Christ.

Item No.: WB-31529


  • The candle illustrates an image symbolizing the Greek letters Alpha and Omega, which signify that the Word of God is present from creation until the end of time.
  • Pieces / Package: 1 
  • Material:  51% Beeswax
  • Size: 3" Dia x 59" L
  • We include the current year to signify that is present among those gathered here and now around the candle.
  • The central cross on all our Divine Light designs identifies it as the Christ candle, and its flame burns despite the death Christ endured.
  • Each Divine Light Paschal Candle is handcrafted with full-color applique and painted raised wax applied by skilled artisans.

Stories and Symbolism:

Easter arrives after the Holy Week, right after Good Friday, which commemorates Jesus' crucifixion and death. Jesus' sacrificed his life for the sins of others. Easter is one of the most important festivities in the Christian calendar. It commemorates God raising his son Jesus from death and the end of the power of sin and death. It symbolizes the opening of Heaven and the gift of eternal life to everyone.