24kt Crucifix Gold Plate Over Sterling with 24" Chain

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This astonishing handcrafted necklace features a crucifix pendant and chain that is best to wear every day. It is made intentionally for the protection of the soul, blessing, and guidance. Your Crucifix necklace is also perfect for gift-giving!

Item No.: CR-VP1


  • Crucifix Sterling Silver Pendant with 24" Chain.
  • Material: Gold Plate Over Sterling Silver
  • Size: 1 3/4" H, 24" L Chain
  • Comfortable to wear every day.
  • Perfect for gift-giving!

Story & Symbolism:

Crucifixion is a process of sentencing or retribution in which the perpetrator is bound or nailed to a wide wooden beam and left to hang, possibly for several days, until he dies of fatigue and asphyxiation. It was used by the Romans as a punishment.