5" H Pocket Prayer Folder - Saints for Boys St. Christopher

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This Holy Card depicts the illustration of "Saints for Boys" manifesting St.  Christopher.

A guide for offering your prayers, scriptures &  symbolisms are at the back of the card to help you commemorate for blessings. Creatively designed pocket friendly and inspirational.

Item No.:  AM-G0033


  • Front: Illustration of "St. Christopher"
  • Back: Prayers, Scriptures, and Symbolisms.
  • Pocket size and perfect for gift attachments or favors.
  • Size: 31.25" W x 5" H, folds to 3.125" W x 5" H
  • 20-panel Pocket Prayer Folder

Story & Symbolism: 

"St. Christopher",  the Patron Saint of Travelers. He helped a child cross the river, midstream the child grew heavy.  Across, the child said he was Christ and that he was also carrying the weight of the world then the child vanished. He started his journey, it was believed that during his travel he evangelized thousands of people.