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Reinforce liturgical concepts and create an inviting environment with our beautifully designed, four-color posters. When hung on the walls of your church, parish center, classroom, or home, these posters subtly reinforce some of the most important tenets of the Catholic faith. They are also perfect for teaching and facilitating prayer in faith formation sessions of all ages, during children's Liturgy of the Word, in the catechumenate, or at home. With English language text on one side and Spanish language text on the other, they can be easily turned from one side to the other for use in bilingual group settings. These posters are also appropriate for use with or without other resources in the Celebrating the Lectionary series.

The Bilingual Our Father Poster includes:

  • four color artwork with the text of the Our Father
  • bilingual, two-sided format with one side in English and the other in Spanish
  • excellent for use with or without other resources in the Celebrating the Lectionary series

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    • 6 Pieces Per Package



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