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Society Devoted to the Sacred Heart

Catechist Companion is a series of detailed lesson plans that are the perfect complement to any diocesan-approved religious education textbook. It is written with elementary school students in mind, but its concepts are easily adaptable for use at any age. Developed by the Society Devoted to the Sacred Heart, this innovative teaching resource uses a five-step illustrated method to teach complex theological and scriptural concepts with ease

How it works:

Step 1: Attracting Attention: Students are asked relevant questions that spark their imagination and memory drawing them into the topic.

Step 2:  Illustrated Explanation: Catechists use illustrations while presenting lessons to help students focus and understand important concepts.

Step 3: Correlation with Life: Students are shown how to live out these important teachings of our faith in the smallest and simplest ways.

Step 4: Weekly Practice: Catechists break down each lesson into manageable sizes with concrete plans that students can practice throughout the week.

Step 5: Summary and Conclusion: In their own words, students recall what they have learned thus helping with their retention.

The Catechist Companion includes 49 lessons within these 5 topic areas:

  1. The Creed (16 lessons)
  2.  The Sacraments (8 lessons)
  3.  The Commandments (7 lessons)
  4.  The Saints (17 lessons)
  5.  The Heart of Catechesis (1)

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            • ISBN: 978-1-56854-797-8
            • Size: 8 1/2 x 11
            • Pages: 240 
            • Binding: Paperback 
            • Language: English
            • Copyright: 2009
            • 2 Pieces Per Package

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