Classic Style Bishop Candle Bugia

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Enhance your sanctuary and prompt a richer prayer experience through a beautiful symbolism of the light of a candle. This Classic Style Bishop Candle Bugia can be held beside a bishop as he celebrates certain liturgical functions. This will help provide additional light for reading the Missal at the Mass of a bishop or other church dignitary.

Item No.: AH-H-206


  • Classic Style Bishop Candle Bugia
  • Size: 7/8" socket, 15" Total Length, 3 1/2" Total Ht, 5 1/4+" Total Diameter 3" Candle Part Ht, 2 1/4+" Candle Part Diameter
  • Available Finishes: Brass, Goldplate
  • Ideal gift for bishops!

Adrian Hamers

Since 1881 Adrian Hamers Inc. Has been known for supplying Catholic dignitaries with the finest jewelry. Bishop Regalia has always been the pride in their company. They offer a full line of bishop items.