Coronation Chalice with IHS Paten & Case

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This Sudbury Brass Coronation Chalice with IHS Paten & Case is made of high-quality brass with 24-karat gold plating, with a classic yet elegant design. The ornate design is applied to the cup, node, and base that serves as decoration. The paten is engraved with the letters "IHS", formed from the first three letters, Iota, Eta, and Sigma, of the Greek word IHSOUS, which means Jesus. IHS also represents the phrase "Iesous Hominum Salvator" which means "Jesus, savior of Man".

The set also includes a leather carrying case to safely keep both chalice and paten. 

Item No.: SB-NC901


  • Coronation Chalice with IHS Paten & Case
  • Lead-free
  • 100% food-safe brass
  • Material: Brass/Gold Plate, Leather Case
  • Size: 8 oz, 3 1/2" Dia x 10 1/2" H , 5 1/2" Dia Paten, 6" Dia x 12" H Case
  • Pieces / Package: 1