Live Your Faith First Communion Rosary - Black

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Having the First Communion truly is an exciting event in our children's life. This BLive Your Faith First Communion Rosary will surely capture the special moment.  This stunning rosary will be a perfect representation of our faith and will definitely catch everyone's heart. This charming inspirational catholic item will be perfect to carry around with you to pray on the go to protect and guide you for the years to come.

Item No.: CR-G2964

  • Live Your Faith First Communion Rosary - Black
  • Material: Silver Plate/Black Pearl
  • Size: 24" L
  • This rosary is an ideal keepsake and will help commemorate their Communion celebration

Story & Symbolism: 

First Communion is considered to be one of the holiest and most important occasions in the life of the Roman Catholic. This means that the person has received the Sacrament of the Eucharist, the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Most Catholic children receive their First Communion when they are seven or eight years of age since this is considered to be the age of justification.