Divine Mercy Jesus Christ Chaplet, 3 pcs

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A line of chaplets for fans of this "personal devotional" form. There is no set form for a chaplet, and therefore they vary considerably - some have a strong Marian connotation, and some are more directly related to Jesus or the saints. These Milagros-exclusive chaplets feature full five-decade rosaries, as well as chaplets with fewer beads and a different set of prayers. Each bead set comes with a full-color chaplet prayer folder and a plastic sleeve for safe-keeping.

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-- ©2011 Michael Adams - Licensee Milagros -- Chaplet: 6 mm Glass Bead, Silver Plate/Epoxy. Pamphlet: Cardstock. -- Chaplet: 18.5" L. Pamphlet: 2" W x 6.75"H (folded)