58" L Garment/Vestment Bag

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Great for travel or storing with your vestments, pulpit robes, or choir gowns. Easy to carry with a clear view for garment inside, with zipper from top to bottom, all borders finished with ribbons. A great travel accessory for all your clerical vestments!

Item No.: SLA-2531 


  • Garment/Vestment Bag
  • 1 Piece Per Package
  • Material: Transparent Vinyl
  • Size: Width 33” (84 cm), length 58 1⁄4” (148 cm)
  • The ideal accessory for storing or traveling to keep garments clean.

Slabbinck started from the ground up in 1903 by Hendrik Slabbick, who became the “Master in the Guild of the Gold Embroiderers”. After World War I, Slabbinck made contact with Germany, Austria, Italy, the USA, and Canada.

Over time Slabbinck continued to grow until World War II happened. During this time they created embroideries that would keep their workers in Brugge and out of harm's way during the war.

Four generations later, Slabbinck remains a part of Bruges' fabric heritage. In addition to lace and hand embroidery, they offer tapestries and other fine textiles such as linen and finely woven wool. As early as the 15th century, traders flocked to Bruges to buy these treasures which were in demand throughout Europe. Today, Slabbinck products are in demand throughout the world.