Hand-Painted Lady of Vladimir Greek Icon

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This Hand-Painted Lady of Vladimir Greek Icon portrays the image of Mary showing her love for child Jesus in vibrant and bold colors. This icon painted in the Greek style features gold leaf accents and carefully detailed images created by skilled iconographers in Greece. These icons inspired by ancient tradition will make a special expression of devotion.

Item No.: LM-136-60-0164


  • Hand-Painted Lady of Vladimir Greek Icon
  • Material: Gold Leaf
  • Hand-painted by great artisans.
  • A great way to show our devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Made in Greece

Story & Symbolism:

Greek icons are the representation of the divine. A painted icon that depicts images or scenes from the bible shows veneration to what the icon represents. These sacred images are an expression of Orthodox faith and are used in expressing religious devotion.

Icons can represent Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the Saints or images and scenes from the Bible. They are being used so that we can look not only from the manifestations of the world but instead see the spiritual representation of the holy person or event.