Heritage Ornate Crucifix With 18" Chain

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A crucifix is a sign of God's sacrifice for us and this Heritage Ornate Crucifix With 18" Chain connects us with our faith in him. This necklace is made with the intention to guide and protect us as we face our everyday lives. This stunning crucifix necklace is highly recommended to be worn every day.

Item No.: CR-SO417


  • Heritage Ornate Crucifix With 18" Chain
  • This crucifix features beautiful silver oxidized finishes.
  • Material: Silver Oxidized Finish
  • Size: 1 1/4" H, 18" L Chain
  • Beautifully gift boxed for convenient safekeeping or gift-giving!

Story & Symbolism: 

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the crucifix is a sacramental, a "sacred sign" instituted by the church that prepares Catholics to receive God's grace. For example, Catholics believe that gazing at the crucifix during prayer will help stimulate feelings of hope, love and trust. According to the catechism, a sacramental draws its power from the paschal mystery which is central to the Catholic faith and refers to Jesus' suffering, death and resurrection.


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