Heritage Ornate Crucifix with 24" Chain

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A crucifix is a sign of God's sacrifice for us and this Heritage Ornate Crucifix with 24" Chain connects us with our faith in him. This necklace is made with the intention to guide and protect us as we face our everyday lives. This stunning crucifix necklace is highly recommended to be worn every day.

Item No.: CR-SO261


  • Heritage Ornate Crucifix with 24" Chain
  • The necklace features hand-crafted metal treasures with rhodium-plated chains
  • Material: Silver Oxidized Finish
  • Size: 2 1/8" H, 24" Chain
  • Perfect for gifts and giveaways!

Story & Symbolism:

Cross is a symbol of the passion of Christ's sacrifice for mankind. The main representation of Christianity and the signature of the cross in our traditional ceremonial ritual is the gesture of devotion, confidence and prayer.