Holy Spirit Medal Sterling Silver w/ 24" Rhodium Plated Brass Chain

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The Holy Spirit and The Holy Ghost are identical and are one of the three persons of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit enables believers to live a righteous and faithful life. When Christ comes up from the water of His Baptism, the Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove, comes down upon him and remains with him.

Item No.:  MV-L396 


  • Holy Spirit Medal w/ images of Holy Spirit / Dove.
  • Sterling Silver Holy Spirit w/ 24" Rhodium Plated Brass Chain.
  • Dimension: 1.26" x 1.15" x .8".
  • It comes in a deluxe gift box.
  • Made in the USA.

Story & Symbolism: The Holy Spirit nowadays plays a most important role in the relevance of salvation to the human being. It is the Spirit who brings conviction to the nonbeliever and causes him to see the truth of the gospel in a clear light. Those who respond to this conviction and place their faith in Jesus Christ receive eternal life and a new nature. The Holy Spirit unites the believer with Christ and places him in the body of Christ, the church. He also unites the believer with Christ in His death, enabling him to live gloriously over wrongdoing and sin. The Holy Spirit controls the believer who yields to God and submits himself to God's Word. When these conditions are met, the believer lives in the power of the Spirit and creates the fruit of the Spirit.

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