Laminated Holy Card Prayer For St. Rose of Lima

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This laminated holy card features a beautiful Catholic image on the front with a distinctive gold foil stamping design around the edge. It includes a prayer on the back and crystal-clear laminating for durability.

 Item No.:  AM-800-567


  • Patron Saint of Peru, Florists, and Gardeners.
  • Front of the card: Image of St. Rose of Lima in a Laminated Holy Card
  • Back of the card: Prayers to St. Rose of Lima
  • Laminated Cardstock: 2.675" x 4.375" H
  • 25 Pieces Per Package

Story & Symbolism: 

During an extensive Christian growth in Southern America, Saint Rose of Lima grew up and developed a heartfelt desire to cut off everything that may avoid her from reaching heaven. Later in her life, she built one room on their property as a place to welcome the poor and sick of Lima. St. Rose was the very first unofficial "social worker" in Peru.

Miracle: She had healed a person suffering from leprosy, and at the time of her death, flowers began to fall from the sky and the city of Lima smelled like roses. Several events followed her loss. After her, several places today are called Santa Rosa.