Laminated Holy Card St. Agatha Patroness Against Breast Diseases - 25 Pcs. Per Package

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This laminated holy card features a beautiful Catholic image on the front with a distinctive gold foil stamping design around the edge. It includes a prayer on the back and crystal-clear laminating for durability.

Item No.:  AM-800-531


  • Patron Saint of Nurses.
  • Image of Saint Agatha in a Laminated Holy Card.
  • Laminated Cardstock: 2.675" x 4.375" H
  • 25 Pieces Per Package

Story & Symbolism: 

St. Agatha, also known as Agatha of Sicily, is one of the most venerated virgin martyrs of the Catholic Church. It is assumed that she was born to a wealthy and noble family around 231 in either Catania or Palermo, Sicily.

MiracleIt is believed that during the night Saint Peter appeared in her cell, and healed her wounds. Quintianus now had a horrible hatred of Agatha and ordered that she be burned on a bed of coals. While she lay burning on the coals her red veil stayed miraculously intact.