My Catholic Picture Bible Stories

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This fun and wonder-filled hardback picture book is an excellent way to continue forming little Catholics, ages 4-7, in the Faith. Be at peace knowing that this picture Bible is consistent with Catholic theology and follows the doctrines of the Catholic Church. With colorful pictures and simple words, children will love exploring more than 50 authentically Catholic Bible stories. 

Based on the popular Great Adventure Bible, your child's Bible will follow the same engaging format. From the creation of the world to the burning bush to Pentecost and beyond, your little one will become familiar with stories from Testaments Old and New. Parents can even follow along using a copy of The Great Adventure Catholic Bible, as they discover the richness of the Catholic Faith.

Beautiful and inspiring illustrations create a Catholic Picture Bible ready to educate and excite any preschooler or kindergartener.

  • My Catholic Picture Bible Stories, Ages 4-7
  • Ideal for gift-giving
  • Hardback
  • Ages 4-7
  • Approximately 130 pages.
  • Bible Stories Include:
  • God’s Wonderful World
    1. The Great and Terrible Flood
    2. Lots and Lots of Stars
    3. A Ladder of Angels
    4. Joseph and His Brothers
    5. The Princess and the Baby
    6. The Burning Bush
    7. The Nasty Plagues
    8. A Road Through the Sea
    9. How to Be Happy
    10. Down Came the Walls
    11. Gideon’s Fleece
    12. God Speaks to Samuel
    13. God Chooses David
    14. David and Goliath
    15. Elijah and the Ravens
    16. Enough flour, enough oil
    17. Choose God!
    18. Jonah and the Big Fish
    19. God Forgives
    20. Daniel and the Lions
    21. Mary and Joseph
    22. Angels in the Sky
    23. Following the Star
    24. Catching Fish
    25. Four Good Friends
    26. Really, Truly Happy
    27. Wind and Waves
    28. Bread and Fishes
    29. The Lost Sheep
    30. The Good Samaritan
    31. The Man Who Shouted
    32. Zaccheus Climbs a Tree
    33. Jesus Rides a Donkey
    34. A Very Bad Secret
    35. One Last Meal
    36. Peter is Afraid
    37. A Crown of Thorns
    38. The Saddest Day Ever
    39. A Very Quiet Garden
    40. The Happiest Day Ever
    41. Jesus Meets Thomas
    42. Breakfast on the Beach
    43. Back to Heaven
    44. Wind and Fire
    45. Sharing and Caring
    46. The Man at the Gate
    47. In and Out of Prison
    48. All God’s Creatures
    49. All God’s Children
    50. A Kind Man Called Stephen
    51. A Big Surprise for Saul
    52. Saul Becomes Paul
    53. Gods and Garlands
    54. Prison Praise
    55. A Rough Sea Journey
    56. Safe on the Shore
    57. Love from Paul
    58. A Holy, Heavenly City