Red Enameled Holy Spirit Pyx

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This Red Enameled Holy Spirit Pyx is perfect for carrying consecrated bread used in the mass. This helps in carrying the host securely and allows people to take part in the Holy Eucharist when they are unable to attend Mass. The remarkable beauty of this pyx makes this worthy of transporting the consecrated host.

Item No.: LM-171-11-5069


  • Red Enameled Holy Spirit Pyx
  • A pyx with an image of the Holy Spirit dove on a red enameled background.
  • This pyx will remind both the Eucharistic Minister and the person obtaining the Eucharist of the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made.
  • Material: Silver Tone
  • Size:  2-3/8 Inches
  • Perfect to have especially if you often visit hospitals or nursing homes!
  • Made in Italy