Self Lite Charcoal

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This Self Lite Charcoal is designed for a long period and quickly lights up. Each individual briquette is protected and stored in a vacuum-molded tray. 

Hold the charcoal by one edge and apply flame to the other to light it. Self-lighting charcoal will start to crackle and pop as the surface ignites (the safest method is to use incense tongs). When the entire surface is glowing (you may do this by softly blowing on it as if you were starting a campfire), you are ready to add your incense. A pinch at a time, add the incense, and enjoy!

Item No.: WB-57704


  • Self Lite Charcoal
  • Includes 100 tabs per box
  • Material: Charcoal
  • 10 Boxes / Case
  • Size: 1-3/4 x 1"H
  • The holy and cleansing gifts of these natural elements are perfect for use in your adoration chapel!

We celebrate our Church history by offering incense, a timeless essence used for centuries in the liturgies of both the East and the West as a symbol of our worship, adoration, and prayer rising to God in fragrant clouds of fumes, especially during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.