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The Almanac for Pastoral Liturgy

This trusted annual publication provides concise and helpful material to inspire and assist those who prepare the Mass for each day of the liturgical year. It includes:

Preaching points

  • Additional Scripture insights for the Proper of Saints
  • Music preparation guidance and song suggestions
  • Ways to connect the liturgy to the Christian life
  • Original Mass texts for Sundays, solemnities, and feasts of the Lord
  • Seasonal worship committee agendas
  • Ideas for celebrating other rites and customs
  • An online supplement for preparing the sacramental rites
  • Seasonal introductions
  • Daily calendar preparation guides
  • Dated entries with liturgical titles, lectionary citations, and vestment colors
  • Scripture insights
  • Brief biographies of the saints and blesseds
  • Guidance for choosing among the options provided in the ritual texts

This year’s authors include: Leisa Anslinger, Wendy Cichanski Caduff, Benjamin Caduff, Kate Cousino, Ann Dickinson Degenhard, Mary A. Ehle, Karla Hardersen, John T. Kyler, Rachel Doll O’Mahoney, John Marquez, Jill Maria Murdy, Andrew Mountin, Jena Thurow-Mountin, Stephen Palanca, Paul Radkowski, and Robert Valle.

Additional material was provided by:

Susan Gleason Anderson, Kathryn Ball-Boruff, Jennifer Kerr Budziak, Jennifer Dixon Caravelli, Paul H. Colloton, osfs, Catherine A. Corey, Joseph DeGrocco, Mary C. Dumm, Rebekah Eklund, Christopher J. Ferraro, Karie Ferrell, Edrianne Ezell, Michael JK Fuller, Jerome Hall, sj, Kathleen Harmon, Patrick Hartin, Kurt Heinrich, Mary Heinrich, J. Philip Horrigan, Timothy A. Johnston, John Thomas Lane, sss, Ed Langlois, Corinna Laughlin, Maria Laughlin, Sara McGinnis Lee, Tat-siong Benny Liew, Julie Males, Ricky Manalo, csp, Anna Belle O’Shea, Teresa Marshall-Patterson, Randall R. Phillips, Biagio Mazza, Tanya Rybarczyk, Michael Simone, sj, Anne Elizabeth Sweet, ocso, Letitia Thornton, Stephen C. Wilbricht, sj, Daren J. Zehnle

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                                                • Product Code: SSS23 
                                                • ISBN: 978-1-61671-662-2
                                                • Pages: 416 
                                                • Author: Various authors, including Jena Thurow-Mountin and Andrew Mountin
                                                • Size: 8 3/8 x 10 7/8 
                                                • Language: English
                                                • Binding: Paperback 
                                                • Copyright Year: 2022
                                                • 4 Pieces Per Package

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