St. Daniel Sterling Patron Medal with 20" L Chain

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This adored medal has been perfectly crafted with detailed images of St. Daniel, it comes with a chain that is a perfect gift-giving for someone to feel protected from numerous dangers. This medal is a clear choice for those who seek a Catholic pendant to serve as a daily reminder of the beauty and importance of having strong faith.

Item No.: CR-SS727-12


  • St. Daniel Sterling Patron Medal with 20" L Chain
  • Image of St. Daniel  with an inscription, “Saint Daniel
  • Sterling Silver Medal - St. Daniel w/ 20" Chain.
  • Size: .75 Dia, 20" L Chain
  • A great way to show our faith to the beloved saint.   

Story & Symbolism:

In 309, he died. He and four companions, Elias, Isaias, Jeremy, and Samuel, were Egyptians who visited Christians imprisoned in Cilicia's mines during Maximus' persecution to console them. They were apprehended at the gates of Caesarea, Palestine, and brought before the governor, Firmilian, where they were accused of being Christians. They were all tortured before being beheaded.