Sterling Patron Saint Dymphna Medal w/ 18" Chain

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An absolutely stunning Sterling Patron Saint Dymphna Medal w/ 18" Chain perfect for daily use. This necklace made with sterling silver and crafted with a well-detailed image will definitely show our devotion to the beloved saint. Get this necklace and show off your faith in a stylish way.

Item No.: CR-SS729-52


  • Sterling Patron Saint Dymphna Medal w/ 18" Chain
  • Patron Saint of those suffering from nervous and mental afflictions.
  • Image of St. Dymphna with an inscription, “St. Dymphna
  • Sterling Silver Medal - St. Dymphna w/ 18" Chain.
  • Size: 3/4" H, 18" L Chain
  • A great way to show our faith to the beloved saint.     

Story & Symbolism: 

Dymphna is a Christian saint revered by Catholic and Orthodox rites. According to tradition, she was living in the 7th century. She was murdered by her dad. The tale of Dymphna was first recorded in the 13th century by the canon of St. Aubert's Church in Cambrai, France. Today, Saint Dymphna is remembered as the patroness of those suffering from neurological disorders. Her feast day is May 15th.