St. Gregory Medal with 20" L Chain

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This Stunning Medal depicts the illustration of "St. Gregory" creatively designed from Sterling Silver with a 20" L Chain and an embossed artwork made from quality materials that last for years. A perfect addition to your collection or a gift to be cherished by someone special. Highly recommended and perfect for all occasions.

Item No.:  CR-SS727-22


  • St. Gregory Medal with 20" L Chain
  • Patron Saint of Musicians, Singers, Students, and Teachers.
  • St. Gregory Sterling Patron Medal with 20" L Chain
  • Image of St. Gregory with an inscription, “Saint Gregory
  • Sterling Silver Medal - St. Gregory w/ 20" Chain.
  • Size: .75 Dia, 20" L Chain
  • A great way to show our faith to the beloved saint.   

Story & Symbolism: 

St. Gregory, also known as Pope Gregory or the Great, is credited with initiating the Gregorian Mission in Rome. He is symbolic for bringing about changes in the Holy Eucharist that have lasted to the present day, one of which is the position of Our Father. He was born wealthy, which he used to be generous to others. He is regarded as the patron saint of musicians, singers, students, and educators.