Sterling Patron Saint Thomas Medal with 20" L Chain

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Creatively crafted St. Thomas Aquinas Medal. Made from sterling silver with Rhodium Chain, a perfect everyday inspiration that reminds you that your strong faith will guide your ways wherever you go. A meaningful piece for gift giving that will surely be treasured for a lifetime!

Item No.:  CR-SS727-51


  • Patron Saint of Travelers and all Universities.
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Medal
  • made from Sterling Silver
  • Includes 20" L chain.

Story & Symbolism: 

Saint Thomas Aquinas frequently called "The Universal Teacher" who lived at the monastery until he was 13 years of age. He was declared the protagonist during the 19th-century crisis though contested by religious progression. He was canonized by Pope John XXII in 1323 and died on March 7, 1274, at the monastery of Fossanova.