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Notes on the Church Year for Children

Looking for child-size portions of information on saints and the liturgical seasons? Would weekly and seasonal handouts help you and your students better understand special days and times of the year? Take Me Home and Take Me Home, Too each contain approximately 60 reproducible handouts. When you purchase both volumes, you'll have more than enough handouts for two full years--without repeating any handout. The handouts focus on the liturgical seasons, prayer traditions, stories about the saints, blessings, and customs. Some include instructions for crafts and other projects, and some have recipes or activities to try at home. The language is straightforward and each note was written to encourage learning, experimentation, and discovery. The black and white picture that accompanies each note is perfect for coloring. When the notes are brought home, they can be reread and pondered during the week or hung on the refrigerator to share with family and friends. The purchaser of each of these books is granted permission to photocopy as many notes as needed for classroom use, year after year.

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    • Product Code: TAKHOM 
    • ISBN: 978-0-92965-052-4
    • Author: Christine Kenny-Sheputis
    • Pages: 128 
    • Language: English
    • Copyright: 1992
    • 2 Pieces Per Package

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