Traditional Altar Standing Sanctuary Lamp

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This Traditional Altar Standing Sanctuary Lamp is exclusively designed and finely handcrafted by Adrian Hamers. Ignite this Standing Sanctuary Lamp before a tabernacle. A great way to brighten up the Blessed Sacrament and bring a beautiful glow to the Light of the World in the Tabernacle.

Item No.: AH-H-200SL


  • Traditional Altar Standing Sanctuary Lamp
  • Size: 55 1/2" tall
  • Can hold the Standard 8 Day Domus Christi Globe.
  • Polished Brass and Lacquered Standing Sanctuary Lamp.
  • 1 Piece Per Package
  • Beautifully designed and finely handcrafted with high quality material.

Adrian Hamers

Since 1881 The world famous Adrian Hamers Inc. has been known to produce the finest Sanctuary Lamp in the world. Their antique Sanctuary Lamp have been in service worldwide for well over a hundred years.