The Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Oh, Glorious day! When God Assumed Mary into Heaven with the Angels. 

Today, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The immaculate Mother of God was assumed into heaven, partaking into the resurrection of Jesus and opening the way for us Christians. Mary is a sign of hope that we will share in the resurrection of Christ. Mary, though sinless, is a human person. She is not divine. Yet God the Father was pleased to raise her from the dead. Mary’s assumption is a reminder that we are called to resurrect with Jesus on the last day. “I will raise you on the last day” John 6:54

We are not alone in this race into heaven. God, in His mercy, gave us Mary as our mediatrix to help us on our journey there. This year in particular, as we experience the effects of an unprecedented pandemic and limitations to celebrate this day of obligation like we normally would, we are called to reflect on the importance of striving for holiness and earning our place in Heaven by word and deed. 

The gospel for today, Luke 1:39 - 56 illustrates for us the servant heart of Mary. As soon as she found out that her cousin Elizabeth needed help with her pregnancy she “set out at that time and went as quickly as she could into the hill country to a town in Judah”. 

Let us focus on the words “went as quickly as she could.” Mary was happy, willing, and ready to serve. She forgot about herself at that moment, and already pregnant with Jesus decided to follow the Holy Spirit’s prompting to the mission. She stayed with Elizabeth in the last three months of her pregnancy. 

How many times do we respond to the needs of our neighbor with the same readiness as Our Lady? Is this the attitude that we exude when God calls us to serve others? How about when it is inconvenient? Mary, the Mother of God, pregnant, ran to the need of her cousin. 

In exchange for Mary’s obedience, Elizabeth had a special encounter with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. “Look, the moment of your greeting reached my ears, the child in my womb leaped for joy”. I can only imagine that moment of grace and joy. In the same way that we respond to Christ’s call to serve others, we bring Jesus to them and become instruments of God’s blessings.

Mary’s humility is an invitation to grow intentionally in virtue. Not only speaking about the gospel of Jesus Christ but also becoming diligent carriers of Faith, Hope, and Love. It has been hard to go on a mission for many of us, but the closest mission field is our family. During these difficult moments let us find ways to share God’s providence with those members in our family that may be in need and humbly offer our help. For some, it would be financial help, for others a hug, a phone call, or a warm meal. 

Let us entrust ourselves to the precious and efficacious intercession of our holy Mother, and ask her to make us humble servants as we work diligently for our space in Heaven!