5" H Pocket Prayer Folder - Madonna & Child -12 Pieces Per Package

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This Holy Card depicts the illustration of "Madonna & Child" manifesting the Blessed  Virgin Mary & Baby Jesus.

A guide for offering your prayers, scriptures &  symbolisms is at the back of the card to help you commemorate blessings. Creatively designed pocket friendly and inspirational.

Each new 20-panel Pocket Prayer Folder includes gorgeous images by famous artist Michael Adams, as well as prayers, scriptural inspiration, or tale elements for each popular topic. These bright folders, which are conveniently designed to fit in a pocket or handbag, are lovely gifts to slip into greeting cards, daily inspiration for family and friends, or even great tools to keep youngsters engaged during Mass.

Features the following prayers:

  • Prayer for Healing
  • Magnificat
  • The Hail Mary
  • You are Fair, O Mary
  • The Memorare
  • Daily Consecration to Mary
  • Regina Coeli
  • Prayer of Dedication to Mary
  • Child's Prayer to the Immaculate Heart
  • O Domina Mea

Item No.:  AM-G0031


  • 5" H Pocket Prayer Folder - Madonna & Child -12 Pieces Per Package
  • Front: Illustration of "Madonna & Child"
  • Back: Prayers, Scriptures, and Symbolisms.
  • 12 Pieces Per Package
  • Pocket size and perfect for gift attachments or favors.
  • Size: 31.25" W x 5" H, folds to 3.125" W x 5" H
  • 20-panel Pocket Prayer Folder

Story & Symbolism: 

"Madonna & Child" is an enticing representation of our Blessed Virgin Mary & Jesus. The Madonna as the "Queen of Heaven" represents purity and royalty. It reminds people of the value of love passion and devotion.