6-Day Gleamlite Ruby Candle

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The top-notch Gleamlights® manufactured by Will and Baumer are the best available. The wax has a clean, soot-free burn since it is created with the best paraffin available. The clean burn maintains the surrounding regions, including the walls, residue-free. In order to ensure uniform burning and prevent the glass from discoloring, we take care to center the wicks. We have taken great delight in providing the best devotional candles for your church for more than 159 years. We hope that the gentle illumination provided by these Gleamlights® will contribute to the peace of your worship.

Item No.: WB-21611


  • 6-Day Gleamlite Ruby Candle
  • 6 Days Burn Time
  • Color: Ruby
  • Material: Paraffin Wax / Glass
  • Size:  8"
  • 1 Piece Per Package