60" Double Sided Censer Stand

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simple, yet elegant 60" Double Sided Censer Stand will make a perfect addition to your sanctuaries. This censer stand intricate design and amazing details. Made with premium materials, this censer stand will surely last for many years to come.

Item No.: AH-H-402CS


  • 60" Double Sided Censer Stand
  • Double Sided Solid Brass Censer Stand
  • Holds 2 Censers, 2 Boats and 2 Spoons
  • Polished Brass and Lacquered
  • Size: 60" ht. 12 1/2" Base Diameter
  • Perfect for use with your censers!
  • A stunning censer stand made from high-quality materials.Adrian Hamers

Since 1881 Adrian Hamers has been known to create the worlds finest Thuribles, Censers, Boats and spoons. The world Famous Hamers Censers have smoked in ceremonies all over the world by the highest of Catholic dignitaries. Their solid brass Censers swing in the worlds most famous Basilicas, Cathedrals and Churches. They also offer a full line of matching Censer/ Thurible stands.