Avalon Gallery "Confirmed In Christ" Cross

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This beautiful Avalon Gallery's “Come, Holy Spirit” new collection, is elegantly made in stone-look cross. The descending dove emblem cover has a special message and features flame appliques as a reminder of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. A perfect Confirmation gift that is a reminder of a special day!


  • Avalon Gallery's "Come, Holy Spirit" collection
  • Designed with dove and flame as a reminder that the Holy Spirit is within us
  • Made of stone resin
  • Measures 4.875" x 7.5" H
  • Comes gift boxed

Story & Symbolism:

Confirmation is seen as the totem of Christianity created in baptism. Through Confirmation, our spiritual relationship with Christ is established. We acknowledge the message of faith in a more concentrated manner with great significance given to Christ's person, who asked the Father to give the Holy Spirit to the Church.