Blessed Sacraments First Communion Wallet Set

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This wallet set is a perfect gift to add deepness and dedication to the faith life of those taking First Holy Communion. This set can provide a meaningful and valuable experience for a first communicant. The 128-page Mass book, scapular, rosary, lapel pin, and clear plastic wallet are all valuable resources that can help the recipient connect with their faith and understand the significance of the sacrament. With a traditional image and beautifully illustrated mass book, this wallet set is a thoughtful and meaningful gift option for any loved one to give to the first communicant.

Item No.:  ST-YS888


  • Blessed Sacraments First Communion Wallet Set
  • Features Christ as a priest with a boy or girl in a traditional position, kneeling at the altar
  • With 128-page hardcover Mass book
  • The mass book contains the Order of the Mass, the story of Jesus, favorite Catholic prayers, the 20 Mysteries of the Rosary, the Stations of the Cross, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation with an Examination of Conscience and "How to Go to Confession.”
  • Also Includes: Scapular, Rosary, Lapel pin
  • With a clear plastic wallet
  • Available in 2 colors 
  • 1 Piece Per Package (Set)


    Story & Symbolism: 

    The First Holy Communion is an important sacrament that every Catholic child must receive because it unites us to Christ, who shares His Body and Blood with us to form a single body (CCC 1331). Catholic Christians partake in Holy Communion to recognize the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ during the Eucharist through the power of the Holy Spirit and the priest's intercession. Under the appearances of bread and wine — Christ's body, blood, soul, and divinity — the glorified Christ, who rose from the dead, is truly present.