Blue Crib Crucifix

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This adorable Blue Crib Crucifix is perfect for celebrating our little ones. This charming crib crucifix with a ribbon is the perfect present as we seek guidance and protection for our children. A sturdy and captivating crucifix like this will make a great addition to your child's nursery!

Item No.: MV-73-36


  • Blue Crib Crucifix
  • Crucifix in Blue Enamel and Blue Ribbon
  • Beautifully designed and finely crafted crib crucifix.
  • Size: 5"
  • It comes in a gift box
  • Made in the USA.

Lifetime warranty: We have confidence and faith in the quality of our products, offering a lifetime warranty.

Story & Symbolism: 

Crucifixion is a process of sentencing or retribution in which the perpetrator is bound or nailed to a wide wooden beam and left to hang, possibly for several days, until he dies of fatigue and asphyxiation. It was used by the Romans as a punishment.