Disposable Votive Lighter

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This Disposable Votive Lighter is perfect when bringing light to any altars. Light a candle using this candle lighter to remind us of the faithful presence of Christ during the service. A great way to brighten up the Blessed Sacrament and bring a beautiful glow to the Light of the World in the Tabernacle.

Item No.: CCC-93701501


  • Disposable Votive Lighter
  • A candle lighter completed with sturdy handle.
  • Handcrafted to last for the years to come.

     Cathedral Candle

    Cathedral Candle has served Christian churches through the master craft and art of candle making for more than a century. Today, the company still holds true to the innovative methods, and the finest formulations used since its original Syracuse factory began production in 1897. The company is proud to continue supplying a top-quality product that preserves the tradition of helping churches to light religious faith with the living flame. Cathedral’s products represent the highest level of traditional liturgical standards. Produced from only the highest-quality natural materials. They provide beautiful premium candles with an aesthetically pleasing flame and long-burning economy.