Holy Card St. Blaise with Throat Healing Medal Set - 6 Pcs. Per Package

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Saints defend us from harm, reinforce our faith, and provide spiritual direction and healing. They are our prayer models, and their intercession allows us to deliver strong petitions of healing to God on our behalf.

Our Patron Saints of Healing line provides hope and consolation to people seeking healing via the Saints' intercession. Each holy card and medal package features a high-quality prayer card with novena prayers tailored to the affliction, a brief history of the patron saint, and an oxidized silver patron saint medal.

Item No.:  AM-MC043


  • Image of St. Blaise w/ Set of Healing Medal.
  • Patron Saint of Those Suffering from Throat Ailments.
  • Back of Card: Prayer to St. Blaise 
  • Includes a full-color holy card with two healing prayers, a saint biography, and an oxidized silver patron saint medal.
  • Holy Card: Full-Color Cardstock (Closed) 2 1⁄2" W x 4" H 
  • Holy Card: Full-Color Cardstock (Open)   5" W x 4" H
  • Saint Medal: Oxidized Silver 1" H
  • Saint Blaise, Pray for Us.: Paper/Oxidized Metal
  • 6 Pieces Per Package

Story & Symbolism:

Saint Blaise was born in the fourth century to a wealthy and noble family. He obtained a Christian education and subsequently became a doctor. During his practice, he saw so much of the suffering of life and the hollowness of material pleasures that he decided to give his life to God. He became a priest and was finally appointed Bishop of Sebastia in Armenia.. From all parts, people came to him for the cure of bodily and spiritual ills.

No torture could make him give up his faith in Jesus and he was beheaded in 316.

Saint Blaise is recognized today as the patron of those suffering from throat ailments. His feast day is February 3rd.


Numerous miracles were credited to him, including the curing of diseased beasts during his sanctuary, making him also the patron saint of wild animals.