IHS Florentine Collection Celebrant Chair - Medium Oak

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This Celebrant Chair fits both modern and traditional sanctuary decor. Featuring the hand-sculpted IHS. It is crafted using maple hardwood with medium oak stain and measures 23" width, 48" for height, and 20"D. 

IHS is a monogram or symbol for the name Jesus, derived from the first three letters of the Greek name of Jesus, which is spelled IHΣΟΥΣ in uncial (majuscule) letters and Iησoυς in minuscule characters and is transliterated into the Latin alphabet as Iēsus, Jēsus or Jesus.

Also available in Walnut Stain.

Item No.: RS-B3993


  • IHS Florentine Collection Celebrant Chair - Medium Oak
  • Material: Maple Hardwood
  • Size: 23" W x 48" H x 20" D
  • Features a hand-sculpted IHS design.
  • 1 Piece Per Package
  • Finely crafted for your church!