Italian Archangel Raphael Pocket Token - 25 Pieces Per Package

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The Italian Archangel Raphael Pocket Token will surely make an amazing present. This elegant token is a silver-tone finished and made in Italy. This token features a prayer and well-detailed Catholic imagery which makes it a perfect companion for additional protection.

Item No.: LM-171-25-0067


  • Patron Saint of Travelers and the Blind.
  • Italian Archangel Raphael Pocket Token - 25 Pieces Per Package
  • Silver Tone
  • Image of Archangel Raphael at the front side of the token.
  • It has a prayer inscribed at the back of the token which reads: "Oh dear Raphael which means "God has healed" help us to be pure in mind, heal us of all ailments, and protect us from evil that may come our way."
  • 25 Pieces Per Package
  • Made in Italy

Story & Symbolism:

Together with Michael and Gabriel, the name St. Raphael means "God has healed," He is one of seven Archangels standing before the throne of the Lord, and one of the only three names mentioned in the Bible. The biblical tale says he was the angel who saved the world when it was tainted by the sins of the fallen angels. Disguised as a human being, Raphael refers to himself as "The Son of the Great Ananias, Azarias".