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Rebuilt Faith Companion Kit

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Are you seeking innovative ways to foster stronger connections between your parishioners and Jesus? Does the decline in regular Mass attendance concern you?

While our parishes have faced significant change in the last few years, our call to evangelize and minister to our parishioners has remained the same. This includes those who faithfully attend every Sunday, those who make it to Mass just twice a year, and even those seated in the pews questioning if religion really matters to them.

Rebuilt Faith: A Handbook for Skeptical Catholics, written by Fr. Michel White and Tom Corcoran is the perfect book to reach these diverse audiences. Give this book to your Mass attendees as a Christmas gift and invite them back for a faith-sharing opportunity for Lent (or another time of year.)

To help you host a parish-wide spiritual campaign or book study, we have created the Rebuilt Faith Companion kit that contains easy and doable, step-by-step instructions to bring a spiritual campaign based on Rebuilt Faith to your parish or group.

This companion kit provides out-of-the-box steps to prepare, plan, and implement the campaign along with companion videos, a step-by-step campaign success guide, a leader's guide, and marketing and promotional materials. This kit will support and lead your efforts to unify and grow your parish community.

The Book:

Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran—authors of the bestselling book, Rebuilt—have the answer to your concerns about Mass attendance and engagement: Make it all about Jesus. In Rebuilt Faith, you will learn that rebuilding and renewing faith starts with a nagging feeling that we want something more—more connectedness, more community, and more purpose. That’s the spark that leads to a flame that burns brightly around Jesus, the foundation of living and growing in faith.

Rebuilt Faith is broken down into forty days, each of which includes a quotation from a saint, a reflection, questions to ponder, a prayer, and a scripture verse. The authors organize these forty days around five steps that build on a different aspect of Catholicism and are meant to be repeated:

serve—serve others and develop a servant’s heart;
give—giving reflects the character of God;
engage in Christian community—we need friends of faith to become more like Jesus;
practice prayer and the sacraments—by praying consistently and continually taking part in the sacraments, parishioners will better connect with God; and
share the faith—having a heart for people who do not know Jesus and helping them in their faith journey will strengthen individual faith.
White and Corcoran have watched thousands of people in their parish in Timonium, Maryland, take the five steps of this book and grow from seeing God primarily as an abstract idea into knowing him as a deeply loved partner who provides a far greater sense of purpose for living than they had ever known before.

The forty-day structure of Rebuilt Faith is perfect for use by parishes, book clubs, and individuals during Lent.

This book is available for bulk purchase of 100 copies or more for $2.99. And you won’t pay shipping!

What's Included in the Kit

Rebuilt Faith Book
Quick Start Guide
Step-by-Step Campaign Success Guide
Leader's Guide
Small-Group Discussion Guide
Companion Videos
Sample Emails, Bulletin Announcements, and Social Media Graphics
(Digital access to the guides, videos, and promotional materials included)


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    • Publication date: October 6, 2023

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