Sacred Heart Lasered Wood Holy Water Font - 4 Pieces Per Package

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Holy water is sacramental for Catholics. Obtain the blessings of the holy water through this Sacred Heart Lasered Wood Holy Water Font. You can store your holy water on this holy water font and use it as you enter your home or before going to bed.

Item No.: BK-12236


  • Sacred Heart Lasered Wood Holy Water Font
  • Image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in a holy water font
  • Material: Wood/Plastic
  • Size: 5 x 2 3/8
  • 4 Pieces Per Package
  • Perfect your home or garden!

Story & Symbolism: 

In Roman Catholicism, the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a devotion to the wounded heart of Jesus with a crown of thorns that was originated in the eleventh century, nearly as old as Christianity that has a lot of many changes all over the centuries. This helped us to remember and realize how Christ suffered and died for us because of his love for humanity.