St. Benedict Crucifix in 8" Walnut Stand w/ Gift Box

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This well-polished St. Benedict Crucifix signifies the dedication to the faith of Christianity and an ideal design just right to your home, suitable to any space of your room. It comes with an 8" Walnut Stand and includes gift box, ideal for gift-giving such as confirmation, baptism, or for any event. Made in the USA.

Item No.:  MV-79-42517


  • Walnut Stand of St. Benedict Crucifix
  • Dimension: 8" 
  • It comes in a deluxe gift box.
  • Ready for gift-giving
  • Made in the USA.

Story & Symbolism: A cross with a symbolism of Jesus' Christ resurrection and His crucifixion, believed by the majority of the Christians that the most significant event in the history of human beings. This recorded the beginning of Christianity, though, formerly seen as a misshapen symbol, it shows Christ's sacrifice, which gave humanity a chance for eternal salvation. With the medal of the Patron Saint of Europe, it shows the dedication to St. Benedict's honor.

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