St. Benedict Rosary with 6x8mm Black Beads

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This appealing St. Benedict Rosary is elegantly designed with 6x8mm Black Beads. Completed with an inspirational St. Benedict center and Pewter crucifix that would definitely catch the eye with it's carefully made details. A perfect addition to your collection or a gift to be cherished by someone special. Highly recommended and perfect for all occasions.

Item No.:  MV-R185DF


  • St. Benedict Patron Saint for Students
  • St. Benedict Center
  • Pewter Crucifix
  • 6x8mm Black Beads
  • Includes Deluxe Gift Box
  • A perfect set for gift-giving!

Story & Symbolism: 

Saint Benedict of Nursia is a Christian saint venerated in the Catholic Church. His greatest achievement is the "Rule of Saint Benedict" wherein it contains set of rules on which monks have to follow. It compromises of seventy-three short chapters which contains wisdom, more than half of the chapters described on how to be humble and obedient. 

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