St. Benedict Silver Medal in 7mm Olive Wood Rosary

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St. Benedict Silver Medal in 7mm Olive Wood Rosary is an amazing keepsake for a Catholic who truly cherishes beautifully handcrafted items. This exquisite piece was carefully crafted to ensure maintaining its luxurious look for the years to come. This collectible is a perfect way to protect us from evil spirits. Show your faith testament and share it with your loved ones through gift-giving.

Item No.: MV-P153R


  • Patron Saint of Monks and Europe.
  • St. Benedict Silver Medal in 7mm Olive Wood Rosary
  • Dimension: 15" length
  • It comes with a corded plastic gift box.
  • Made in the USA.

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Story & Symbolism: 

Saint Benedict of Nursia is a Christian saint venerated by the Catholic Church. His greatest achievement is the Precept of Saint Benedict, which includes a set of laws to be followed by the monks. It compromises seventy-three short chapters containing wisdom, more than half of the chapters on how to be humble and obedient.