St. Benedict Silver Medal in Olive Wood Pendant

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Saint Benedict medal and cross was designed in 1880 in Montecassino to commemorate the 1400th anniversary of his birth. This St. Benedict Silver Medal in Olive Wood Pendant can protect us from evil spirits and remind us of the sacrifices and redemption that Christ offered us. Show your faith testament and get this stunning St. Benedict necklace.

Item No.: MV-760-114


  • Patron Saints of Monks, Contemplatives, Europe, Kidney Disease, Poisoning, and School children.
  • Saint Benedict Silver Medal in Olive Wood Pendant.
  • Made in the USA.

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Story & Symbolism: 

Saint Benedict of Nursia is a Christian saint venerated by the Catholic Church. His greatest achievement is the Precept of Saint Benedict, which includes a set of laws to be followed by the monks. It compromises seventy-three short chapters containing wisdom, more than half of the chapters on how to be humble and obedient.