St. Christopher Auto Rosary with Prayer Card Set

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This St. Christopher Auto Rosary has an easy clasp for hanging in any automobile, can be used as protection as you travel along and a reminder to pray anywhere at any time. It is chained with crystal clear beads with its center of pewter St. Christopher medallion and crucifix. A perfect classic set for gift-giving or a gift to be cherished by someone special. Highly recommended and perfect for all occasions.

Item No.: MV-AR7C


  • St. Christopher Patron Saint of Travelers 
  • St. Christopher center medallion
  • Crystal clear beads
  • Easy clasp for hanging
  • Pewter center and crucifix
  • With Prayer Card Set
  • Made in the USA

Story & Symbolism: Saint Christopher is venerated by many Christian dominations as a martyr. He was a man of great size and strength who devoted himself to Jesus by helping other people to cross a dangerous river. His name and image are commonly worn as pendants, especially by travelers to show devotion and request for his blessings. As well as his miniatures are frequently displayed in automobiles. 

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