St. Christopher Football Medal with Adjustable Cord and Laminated Holy Card Set

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This Football Medal with Holy Card Set depicts the illustration of the "St. Christopher" the Patron Saint of Travelers.

Symbolic Football Medal is creatively designed from Black Enameled Pewter with an adjustable chord and the symbolic holy card to help you commemorate for blessings. Inspirational and perfect for all occasions.

Item No.:  MV-PSD681FT


  • Patron Saint of Travelers
  • Football Medal with an adjustable Cord
  • Made from Black Enameled Pewter Silver
  • Holy Card:  "St. Christopher"
  • Holy Card is laminated in crystal clear for durability
  • A perfect gift, token, or favors.

Story & Symbolism: 

Saint Christopher was a man of several identities, One of the most engaging for Christians, a patron saint of travelers and of children, protector against hailstorms, sudden death, and toothaches. St. Christopher has no date of canonization due to was not formally recognized by the Catholic Church. His story is somewhere amid legitimacy and legend. July 25th is his feast day.

Warranty: This beautiful piece is worth a Lifetime Warranty. We attest to the quality of our products