St. Christopher Medal Rose Gold Plated Border Sterling Silver with 18 inch Gold Plated Chain

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Saint Christopher medals bring comfort and confidence to countless Catholics around the world. With Saint Christopher hanging around their necks or in their cars, people feel protected from numerous dangers. These medals are a clear choice for those who seek a Catholic pendant to serve as a daily reminder of the beauty and importance of having strong faith.

Item No.:  MV-JR794


  • Patron Saint of Travelers.
  • Image of St. Christopher.
  • Rose Gold Plated Border Sterling Silver Medal - St. Christopher with 18 inch Gold Plated Brass Chain.
  • Dimension: 1" x .65" x .6".
  • It comes in a deluxe gift box.
  • Made in the USA.

Story & Symbolism: Saint Christopher is venerated by many Christian dominations as a martyr. He was a man of great size and strength who devoted himself to Jesus by helping other people to cross a dangerous river. His name and image are commonly worn as pendants, especially by travelers to show devotion and request for his blessings. As well as his miniatures are frequently displayed in automobiles. 

Lifetime warranty: We have confidence and faith in the quality of our products, offering a lifetime warranty.

Available Sizes: To ensure that everyone can find the perfect pendant, this beautiful pendant offers more than 35 styles of Saint Christopher medals. There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes.