St. Christopher Visor Clip

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Protect yourself on your next road trip or just driving nearby with this beautifully designed handy Patron Saint of Travelers, St. Christopher. This visor clip is purposely destined for the protection of the driver and all the passengers in the vehicle and serve as a reminder to drive safely.

These Catholic visor clips can make great gifts for new drivers and provide peace of mind for parents with young drivers on the road!

Item No.:  MV-VC-802


  • Patron Saints of Travelers.
  • Image of St. Christopher with an inscription, “St. Christopher Protect Us.”
  • Features Motorist's Prayer.
  • Highly functional miraculous visor clip.

Story & Symbolism: 

Saint Christopher was a man of several identities, One of the most engaging for Christians, a patron saint of travelers and of children, protector against hailstorms, sudden death, and toothaches. St. Christopher has no date of canonization due to was not formally recognized by the Catholic Church. His story is somewhere amid legitimacy and legend. July 25th is his feast day.

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