St. Sebastian Reversible Basketball Tag with Adjustable Chain and Laminated Holy Card

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This Basketball DogTag with Holy Card Set depicts the illustration of the "St. Sebastian" the Patron Saint of Athletes. Creatively designed from Black Stainless Steel with a touch of a white print of a baseball player positioned holding a bat, reversible with St. Sebastian print that can be worn on any occasion. Attached to an adjustable 22" ball chain that comes with the symbolic Holy Card to help you commemorate for blessings. A perfect piece that suits your style or a gift that will be cherished a lifetime. 

Item No.:  MV-PSD219


  • St. Sebastian Reversible Basketball Tag with Adjustable Chain and Laminated Holy Card
  • Patron Saint of Athletes, Soldiers, and Victims of the Plague.
  • Basketball DogTag 
  • 22" Adjustable chain
  • Size: 1.5" Dia
  • Made from Black Stainless Steel
  • Holy Card:  "St. Sebastian"
  • Holy Card is laminated in crystal clear for durability
  • Made in the USA

Warranty: This beautiful piece is worth a Lifetime Warranty. We attest to the quality of our products

Story & Symbolism: 

"St. Sebastian",  the Patron Saint of Athletes, was an officer in the Praetorian Guard to protect Emperor Diocletian. He was known for his physical strength and a body in very good shape as a soldier. His remarkable stamina became popular amongst athletes which gave him the title as the "Patron Saint of Athletes". He had secretly done many acts of love and charity for his brethren and died when his Christian faith was discovered. Archers pierced his body with arrows described as "full of arrows as an urchin" and left his body for retrieval and burial. He was also known as the Patron Saint of Archers, Pin-Makers, and of a Holy Death.