Gold Over Sterling Silver Four-Way Baby Bar Pin w/ Flip Gift Box

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A very surprising and unique four-way pin specially designed for babies to be worn for any kind of occasion. It is proudly manufactured in the USA, featuring gold over sterling silver four-way medal catholic baby badge and comes in a deluxe burgundy flip gift box. 

Item No.: MV-428JT 


  • Features gold over sterling silver four-way medal.
  • Comes in a deluxe burgundy flip gift box ready for gift giving.
  • Made in the USA.

Story & Symbolism: 

The four-way cross, or cruciform, is seen frequently in religious imagery and jewelry, the latter usually cast in beautiful sterling silver or gold. Religious imagery medals first became popular in the 16th century when the images became recognized as a symbol of faith and devotion. Today, the cruciform is widespread and worn by many. But have you ever wondered what the four-way cross symbolizes? This humble medal actually has a very rich and vibrant history.

Images on the Four-Way Medal

The four-way medal is a combination of four other medals that are important to Catholicism. Looking at the cruciform, you can see the Sacred Heart medal, St. Joseph Medal, St. Christopher Medal, and the Miraculous medal all represented. The images explained stories of faith to the masses before most people were literate. 

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